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In this, the very first inaugural episode of the Smart CRE Broker Podcast I simply tell you a little about what you can expect from the show, who I am and why I started this Podcast, who will benefit the most out of the show and how to get the most out of future episodes. Nothing fancy, just kind of a “Hi, we’re here and ready to rock” type of show.

If you’ve found these show notes, it’s probably because you listened to the podcast and I told you to check out the website. You’ll want to come back here to the show notes after every episode to get links to useful tools and information that we talk about during the show. We’ll even throw in a few surprises here from time to time.

This first episode also talks about the website that you are visiting right now. This is the “mother ship” if you will, the center of all of our content in all of its forms. We also suggest that you subscribe to the podcast so that you’ll never miss an episode. You can do that here or on iTunes. Finally, there is a shameless request that you give us a 5 star review on iTunes if you like what you hear. Those reviews help our ratings and generally make me feel warm and fuzzy, even though I’m in Florida and it is August right now.

One tip that we didn’t mention in the show (see….I told you there would be surprises…) is a new sponsor we have which is CRE Firms. Building your database of connections in the business is like putting the fuel in the engine. You’re going nowhere without it. These guys do a pretty awesome job of delivering that to you and they have a free trial so you can see what I mean without it costing you anything up front. Check them out by clicking here. Tell ‘em you heard about them from us.

Thanks again for checking out this very first episode and I hope to hear from you. Keep listening, I’ve got some great stuff lined up for you in future episodes.

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